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I don't consider any of them to be successful.

Now, if you can figure out WHY they are not successful, and what you will do that is RADICALLY and CLEARLY superior to attract enough members, then you may be onto something.

Still, for some, gaming of all sorts can be a lonely business if they don’t have that special someone to share it with. Fans of gaming, anime, comics, sci-fi, horror and more might want to check out this dating site.

You hear about those online dating sites, but they don’t seem right for you. With videos, music, blogs and forums, Soul Geek offers plenty for any nerd looking for love.

We’re going to look at some of the top options on the market; a good dating site needs a strong concept, a good audience, and the right pricing. It was founded by a true geek, voice actor Dino Andrade who has worked on “World of Warcraft” and “Call of Duty.” He was inspired to create the site by his beautiful relationship with his late wife Mary Kay Bergman, who died tragically at a young age.The catch-22 of dating sites is that you need to attract a LOT of members.By the time I have filtered selections down to the candidates of my preferred gender, in my preferred age range, with my preferred interests, I am slicing a very small percent of a very small percent.Just be clear in writing your profile and in weighting your questions.For example, two of my most important questions are "Star Trek - Cool or uncool? " Those two do a great job of filtering potential matches for me.

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