Cfgrid not updating we ve been dating for a month

You can see here that I am just hard coding the query in, you would replace this with your cfquery call to your database or a call to your service layer, etc.

Once you have your query results, you want to use the function to format the result to a value that CFGrid can work with. The trick here is how to get the grid to refresh as the user types a value in the filter box.

A while back I had the need to do some formatting on a cfgrid.

I was using a typical product/price table but the prices are stored with 4 decimals and we needed to display that much resolution.

People have, after all, already paid for these features to actually work.

But I think perhaps it's a bit previous to be taking this position before they do stuff like deprecate these things.

Cold Fusion Ajax UI tools have bind expressions that let us bind one control to another, and to react to events. It will call the get Data method of my and pass in the value from the “filter” input box whenever the key is released.

Cold Fusion provides other events you can react to as well, check the docs for details.

At first I tried the "dataalign" and "headeralign" attributes of CFGRIDCOLUMN but after checking the docs it turns out that these are only available with grid formats applet \ flash.

Without delving into the Ext JS docs, I found a really simple method of doing this without having to write one line of Javascript.

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This method should take the cfgrid parameters and the value you want to filter on.

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