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Northern and Central Wasco Soil Conservation Districts were organized on May 12, 1947 and May 13, 1947 respectively.Some of the earliest work undertaken by the conservation districts in Wasco County was land leveling and irrigation system development.Implicit, if not always elucidated, in calls for conservation is belief that conservation has values for society as a whole and that we must conserve resources for future generations.Often these values fit nicely with the everyday objectives of the landholder, but not always.

ORA was successful in drafting language that was included in the CPUC’s October 2014 final decision that will ensure that all proposals to consolidate districts should, at a minimum, address the public interest benefits that are achieved in light of the proximity, rate comparability, water supply, and operation of the districts that are proposed for consolidation.As part of a six-month series on district operations, the Did You Know?monthly feature in e Resource will highlight chapters of the NACD District Outlook Task Force report: “Blueprint for Locally-Led Conservation – A Strategy for District Success and Sustainability” (available here on our website).The question then becomes how to satisfy these various objectives equitably.The soil conservation movement in the United States established a government agency, the Soil Conservation Service (SCS), numbering about 13,000 employees spread throughout the country.

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The CPUC issued its final Workshop Report in January 2014.

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