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Because 20 years after releasing , that major corner piece to the heart puzzle of teenage 90s girls, Jewel has come out with her autobiography, Never Broken. There have been rumors and whispers for years of Sean Penn having “discovered” Jewel, but in her book, Jewel reveals that while Penn may not have made her a thing, he definitely tried to make her HIS thing.In 1995, months before came out, Jewel had her first-ever TV appearance, on Conan O’ la Hoya appeared, or her own show, could tell you that. de la Hoya is broken up over the loss of her new love: Read that again. de la Hoya could really be that shallow, self absorbed, and venal."They must be making fun of her," I thought, "with the way they're cutting the show together." But with a tweet, Ms.I gave him my cell number and figured I would never hear from him again.The two ended up meeting at a San Diego salon where Jewel was getting her hair cut.

Namely, that he was dating "Daisy of Love" star Daisy de la Hoya.Former girlfriend Alyssa Milano is shocked and saddened by the news and says on her Twitter page, "Just woke up to the sad, sad news that Corey Haim passed away.RIP sweet boy." The "Charmed" actress and former child star dated Haim from 1987-1990. Corey Haim." Still no reaction from Corey Feldman, his frequent co-star from such '80s films as "The Lost Boys" and "Dream a Little Dream." Most recently, the pair starred in a reality show "The Two Corey" on A&E.but for most, it can become a land of nightmares ... Former teen heartthrob Corey Haim died early Wednesday morning in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles coroner's office said Haim died at Providence St. The actor was taken by ambulance to the hospital from an apartment in Los Angeles.

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