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For example, if you have a baby on 12 June and they don't receive your claim form until 12 October, they will only backdate your payments to 12 July.

Likewise, if you become responsible for a child, they will automatically backdate your claim to the date you started looking after the child as long as you make the claim within three months.

Some disabled people forced to transfer across to the government’s new disability benefit are missing out on thousands of pounds of backdated payments, thanks to “grossly unfair” rules, say campaigners.

Under the new personal independence payment (PIP) rules, existing disability living allowance (DLA) claimants have to apply for PIP if their circumstances change.

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Test – A guide to the rules for getting PIP, including how many points you can get in the PIP Test Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and Other Help – A guide to the other help you can get when you get PIP, including Motability, travel concessions and extra amounts of other benefits.

Challenging a Personal Independence Payment decision – A step-by-step guide for sorting out a wrong decision Applies to: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland Age rules: You must be 16 or over but under 65 when you first claim.

You count as needing help to do an activity if you need a person or a thing to: You can get an idea of whether you qualify for PIP on the c-App website an independent charity that provides an online tool to help you learn more about PIP.You, or your partner have a disability If you’re making a new claim for Working Tax Credit the Tax Credit Office may be able to backdate any payments you’re entitled to (including any extra tax credits for being disabled) for more than three months.For this to happen both of the following need to apply: If you’re already getting Working Tax Credit and are now claiming extra tax credits for having a disability tell the Tax Credit Office as soon as you know that you’re entitled to a qualifying sickness or disability related benefit, for example Disability Living Allowance.So it's important to fill in your claim form and send it back to them as soon as you think you qualify. In certain circumstances, backdating happens automatically when the Tax Credit Office deals with your claim, using the dates you've given them on your claim form.If you're claiming for a new baby, the Tax Credit Office will automatically backdate your claim to their date of birth if you make the claim within three months.

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