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It’s insanely cool and I’ve learned a lot in the process.When you start talking about doing things like home VPN servers (or any home server for that matter), sooner or later you run up against a thorny problem: how can I make sure I can always connect to my home network remotely? Having (or knowing) what your home IP address is gives you a lot of flexibility though because if you know it, you can register domain names and have them point to it.If you register domain names for your customers and they need to use the Euro Dyn DNS service, please read the following instructions.Create a new domain folder in your Euro DNS account, then move the domain name(s) into the folder.Dynamic DNS allows domain names registered with Euro DNS to be assigned to a computer with a dynamic IP address.Most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide customers with a dynamic IP address.For example, let’s say I wanted to expose a server (named “dwarf”) on my home network to the internet.

That’s a lot easier (and cooler) to remember than an IP address.Lately I’ve been working on building out my home lab to play with things that I’d never even think of setting up and trying in our development environment at work.It’s been a blast; I’ve set up local domain controllers to mess with for testing scripts, built Linux servers for testing replication to and from SQL Servers and other relational database products, and even set up routing and remote access so that I can remote VPN into my home network for storing and retrieving code I’ve been working on, or even using it to show off proof of concept projects to other people.- This will set the new IP address and hostname as a valid mail exchanger (MX record). [This topic is intended to address a specific issue called out by the Exchange Server Analyzer Tool.

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