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Prohibition did not prevent Russel “Big Papa” Ferrelli, Daniel’s grandfather, from making wine.

With dogged determination, a family trait that has served them well over generations, the Ferrellis made and sold jug wine out of the basement of their Chicago brownstone during the Great Depression just to get by.

We recently discovered a problem while working on a client application: a certain feature, which had always worked before and was still working on the i Phone 5, was suddenly not working on the i Phone 5s when built for the arm64 architecture.

There did not seem to be anything in the code that would be affected by 64-bit differences or that could be explained by the differences between the 5 and the 5s. After digging around, we discovered the issue was connected to [NSDate earlier Date:] and [NSDate later Date:].

And although I’ve never talked to a woman who didn’t have complicated feelings about being on a dating app (as a single woman myself, whether I love or loathe Tinder changes every time I open it), there’s very little comprehensive research on the wider effects of mobile dating.

Twitter user @samilarsson, discovered this tweet from Zara back in November of 2015: It seems as though somewhere along the way, Zara actually met this mystery man, model Brian H. Kim Kardashian was apparently trying to make nice with the Carters by sending tons of baby clothes, exclusively tailored by her designers.

Because everything on the internet comes around eventually, Zara learned about her former self’s long-term relationship dreams, and took to Instagram and for the record: Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian were never exactly friends but Jay Z and Kanye West were thought to have been close over the years, collaborating multiple music tracks.

‘Justin really trusts Carl like a brother and thinks he can help him find the woman he’s meant to be with,’ a ‘source’ allegedly told the publication.

It’s amazing how quickly we’ve adapted to swiping through thousands of potential partners while half-watching reruns of .

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Before he knew it, Kevin was accompanying Daniel to The Italian Club of Seattle, where a yearly winemaking contest was held.

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