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Microsoft is expected to have the privilege as part of the ongoing integration between the two companies following their purchase of Linked In in 2016.

Aside from the update, Linked In is now also offering a new profile suggestion functionality.

Do you know how to “Connect” on Linked In or even what a “connection” is?

If you answered “Yes” to one or all of these questions, do not fret!

Linked In says the change is geared towards increasing your visibility by opening up more avenues for you to be seen on.

If you hand your business card to a potential client, do you realize how many will Google you?

Make it easy by getting visible in Google, ahead of everyone else.

Here, Linked In looks for, and suggests, accomplishments and recognitions that you might have already achieved and might want to share with your network.

This makes updating your profile quicker and easier to do.

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Maybe you were looking for what other’s with your name look like, how attractive they are, what jobs they have, etc.

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