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She has two Oscars (Norma Rae in 1979 and Places In The Heart, 1984) on the mantelpiece and there have been Emmys for her roles in ER and Brothers & Sisters.

She counts Steven Spielberg as a ‘good family friend’ and reveals that intense and famously private actor Daniel Day-Lewis is ‘a hysterical rascal’.

‘It’s about families being torn apart when their parents split up and how much that hurts children.

A toupee sits atop his weathered face displaying signs of cosmetic surgery.“It’s a sad situation for a guy who was once a major box-office draw with millions of fans and a fat bank balance,” says a friend.“This financial misery is wearing Burt down.”Anderson, aged 68, won a recent court case demanding Reynolds cough up the £58,000 that remains unpaid from her £140,000 divorce settlement following their bitter break-up in 1994.When they were growing up, we’d all go on vacations together and we were one great big extended family.’ She must have drawn on her experiences for classic 1993 comedy Mrs Doubtfire, also starring Robin Williams.‘People all over the world identify with the pain and agony of divorce,’ says Field, explaining the film’s enduring appeal.

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