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At least nine other schools around the state have voted to opt out of the guns on campus law, which Gov. ASU’s board voted to remain gun-free after the chancellors of its four campuses recommended the system opt out of the new law.

“I’m confident every member of the board has carefully considered this issue, and our chancellors conferred with the appropriate campus constituencies before recommending to opt out of the new state law,” Mike Gibson, the board’s chairman, said in a statement issued by the school.

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— Arkansas’ two largest university systems voted Thursday to ban faculty and staff from carrying concealed handguns on campus, joining a growing number of schools in the state opting out of a new law allowing the firearms.Teresa Combs, who heads KSBA’s Legal and Administrative Services, believes it’s the reporting of inappropriate student contact rather than the prevalence that has increased.Besides the legal requirement to report these cases, there has been a cultural shift, she said.But in a special meeting last week, the institute’s board of trustees voted 3-2 in favor of joining the schools. — Police at the University of Maryland have alerted College Park campus officials about a “person of interest” involved in hanging a noose in a fraternity house kitchen earlier this year. The Sons of Confederate Veterans filed the lawsuit Wednesday, three days after the statues were quickly taken down ...The merger abolished the Crowley’s Ridge board of trustees and East Arkansas Community College has assumed the institute’s powers and duties. — Nearly two dozen Yale University graduate students arrested during a protest about alleged sexual harassment have had their charges dismissed after they performed community service.

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