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I bought some music tracks from the i Tunes Store and tried to get them from my Purchases list, but they've disappeared.Where have my Apple music, films and TV Shows gone to and how do I get my missing i Tunes media back?By Tony Bove, Cheryl Rhodes Scan or download album cover artwork from CDs that you rip into i Tunes in a graphics format that i Tunes understands and link those graphics to the songs and albums you play on i Tunes.Songs that you buy from the i Tunes Music Store typically include an image of the album cover art or a photo of the artist.It was initially Jim’s idea for the two of them to do some guitar playing together, sharing as they did then and now a love for the traditional musics of James’ native isle (particularly as expressed by Bert Jansch and Nic Jones) and Nathan’s native state (especially in the hands of its darker practitioners like Banjo Bill Cornett and Roscoe Holcomb.) Their first record, (2010), was the not entirely anticipated product of this good idea.

Since the i Tunes views were updated in i Tunes 9, you may have noticed that the album cover (artwork) column is no longer always visible in List view (see screenshot).That means you can be in the i Tunes podcast directory with small artwork, but you just won't have a chance at being featured.To check whether your podcast cover art's URL supports HTTP HEAD requests, enter the image's URL into web-sniffer.net, and switch request type to “HEAD.” If it works, then the server supports HTTP HEAD requests.Enable the Artwork field by selecting its check box.A warning message displays: Are you sure you want to change the artwork for multiple items?

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