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Lately, Vanessa and her childhood friend, Dan Humphrey, have been rekindling their feelings.

Although Chuck Bass is all about Blair Waldorf, off the set of Gossip Girl he only has eyes for Vanessa.

The problem was, I knew Dan was Gossip Girl before I even watched the show.

So even from the very beginning, I wasn’t particularly fond of the beautiful hipster from Brooklyn.

Imagine my sheer joy being introduced to Blair Waldorf (kween) and the gang? But he’s all “I thought you were different.” Get f*cked, Dan.6. Which is really the worst case of negging we’ve ever seen. And instead of telling her that, he decided to release the horrible stuff he’d written about her before he released the nice stuff. When the whole premise of the show was based on soddin’ Dan Humphrey’s Oscar Wilde complex.

Reliving some serious teenage angst, crushing hard over Chuck Bass (and sometimes Nate) and truly being privy to the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite. Hooks up with Georgina Sparks despite her trying to ruin the lives of all his nearest and dearest (Sidenote: Georgina is effing great, potentially the best thing about GG.

Macias finished fourth in The Amazing Race‘s 20th season in 2011.

Louis, Missouri Everyone knows Jessica Szohr plays Vanessa on Gossip Girl, but did you know she’s also the real-life girlfriend of Chuck Bass?!

Find out more about this eclectic star in her Kidzworld biography!

Life on the Upper East Side never seemed so glamorous and downright terrifying at the same time.

Here are 33 perfectly good parties that Blair Waldorf and Co.

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A number of old friends, new friends and love shapes make things even more complicated, but the biggest wild card is Gossip Girl, a mysterious blogger who seems to be following them around and recording their movements and actions.

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