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Her name and career catapulted when she got the role of “Lolly Allen” on Australian soap TV show, Neighbours.

This is why she is featured in the Just Jared Junior section since she started on early.

She was then linked to Last Shadow Puppets frontman Miles in late 2013 when it was reported that she'd been introduced through mutual pal Millie and they were enjoying double dating with the Quality Street heiress and her husband Professor Green.'I have had relationships in the past while I've been on the show.

I’m a sucker for period dramas, especially historical fiction.

Also, Mary Queen of Scots, played by Adelaide Kane, and her Ladies in Waiting are all gorgeous, which certainly doesn’t hurt.

Have you ever fallen for a best friend or been involved in a ~love triangle~ like your character on Baby Daddy? I don't think I've ever been caught up in a real love triangle, but yeah I think for me it comes from a place of, I'm a very protective person and I'm very, I don't want to say shy, but I tend to fall for people once I've been around them for a minute because I trust them and I'm willing to let them into my world a little more, so I can definitely say I've fallen for a friend.2. I traveled Europe with Jean-Luc and we slept in hostels together and pulled it off so, yeah, I think it's a possibility.3. For example, there's a scene this season where Tahj and I are in a hot tub, and we're supposed to duck under the water and come up and deliver the lines, and when we were under the water our director cleared the entire set. They'll turn the mics down in between takes when we're getting notes, but sometimes we'll misjudge when the mics have come on [and are] live again for the audience, so, they've heard a couple things they probably should not have (laughs).5. CK: The funniest person in the world is Melissa Peterman. CK: We all are very close, we've all been going out to dinner every night here in New York. When you were on Dancing With the Stars, did you ever freak out or forget choreography right before you went on? I like getting to see other places for work, so to live in North Carolina for a couple months was fun. I got an audition, so I dress up in this whole, like, '60s look and learned an old song and had on the whole outfit. But I'm also a big Urban Outfitters girl, and Forever 21 — I don't think labels make fashion.

So we're doing the scene and we're not quite sure — there's usually guys behind the camera and we didn't know what was going on — and in the two minutes it took for us to do the scene, the whole set was cleared. I don't even know if we play a lot of pranks as much as just poke fun at each other — and Melissa is the quickest. Jean-Luc's probably my best friend; we hang out a lot. CK: My room is actually called Bar Chelsea, and I have a neon sign that says "Bar Chelsea." Two seasons ago after our Christmas party, we had a little party on the lot, and people just weren't ready to leave. So I'd want to live with Tahj and have him design everything. CK: I honestly can say, I feel like I blacked out during every dance. But all of them have been amazing for different reasons.16. And I walk in, and it's American Dreamz with a Z, that Mandy Moore movie that was supposed to be super cool. It was "pixcstar." So, a lot of actors make corporations, like little production companies. I think it's your own style, what you put together.

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But it's not like I talk about my status on the show and say "I'm single and I'm loving life" when really I'm lying and I've really got a boyfriend - it's just something we don't discuss.' A string of recent Instagram shots prove that Rosie is already pretty body confident - and in shape - but the reality TV star wants to set the record straight on the difference between slimming down and toning up.

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